Training Case Studies - Achieving Behaviour Change Workshop

Achieving Behaviour Change – Alex Tattersall, paediactric registrar


“Using the methodology of the ABC training allowed me to explore and understand the reasons behind the variation between wards in the appliance of the paediatric screening tool.”

Alex Tattersall is paediatric registrar within the Yorkshire and Humber Deanery with an interest in quality improvement. He is currently doing out of programme work as a leadership fellow for the paediatric sepsis project at Leeds Teaching Hospitals.

His project is focusing on the application and dissemination of a screening tool in paediatrics and paediatric subspecialties that will facilitate clinicians to recognise sepsis, a leading cause of morbidity and mortality in paediatrics.

Alex completed the Achieving Behaviour Change training in November 2018. At that point there was some variation between the wards in the appliance of the tool. He used the methodology of the training to explore and understand the reasons for this, and to develop/test an intervention to support improved uptake.

Alex has developed a ‘sepsis thermometer’ to be placed in a visible area in the wards nominated as ‘the sepsis area’. The thermometer acts as a visual reminder system, displaying compliance with sepsis screening on that particular ward, together with other important information such as sepsis information leaflets or posters. The reading on the thermometer changes monthly to indicate the performance of the ward. By using a visual tool, the ward staff team gets instant feedback and they can be motivated to work harder or celebrate.

Alex hopes the longer-term outcome will be the embedding of a tool for the early recognition of paediatric sepsis which is vital for the safe management of the patient, and is associated with shorter stay in the hospital and less need for intensive care.

Alex attended the Improvement Academy Achieving Behaviour Change workshop, funded through the Yorkshire and Humber AHSN on 9th November 2018.