Safety Huddles Coaches Network


In A Nutshell:

The network is for anyone interested in introducing or scaling up safety huddles within their organisations. Provides a space for sharing ideas and learning from one another, with support from the Improvement Academy.

Who is the network for:

Anyone interested or already working with their teams to scale-up Yorkshire safety huddles within their organisations and receiving the support from the Improvement Academy are welcome to join. There is also a new subgroup for mental health trusts.

Our network aims to:

  • Discuss how huddles are progressing
  • Provide support/training,
  • Share ideas and learning with each other.


When do we meet? our HUSH network meetings are held virtually every three months.

How the network started

We started by initially supporting the coaches involved in the HUSH (Huddle Up for Safer Healthcare) project in Leeds, Barnsley and Scarborough by holding workshops to develop their skills as coaches. On 25 May 2017, we held a HUSH Dissemination & Learning event in Leeds and opened up the invitation to all coaches in the region to celebrate all the excellent work being done with huddles.

This led onto the creation of the Safety Huddles Coaches Network. There are currently over 30 active coaches in the network from all different healthcare sectors including mental health, community and care homes and this number is growing every day! The aim is for coaches to meet and discuss how their huddles are progressing, ask for any support/training and share ideas and learning with each other.

For teams outside the Yorkshire and Humber region:

We also welcome organisations outside the Yorkshire and Humber region. If you are interested in scaling up Yorkshire Safety Huddles in your organisation or would like to become a safety huddles coach, please get in touch to discuss our HUSH Implementation support package.

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