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In A Nutshell:

The Improvement Academy is the implementation arm of the NIHR-funded Applied Research Collaboration for Yorkshire and Humber, building on our track record of translating evidence into policy and practice. We aim to maximise the impact of our ARC research and to deliver improved outcomes for patients and the public.

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Our aims are:

  • To support close relationships between the Applied Research Collaboration and end-users, including clinicians, policy-makers, healthcare delivery organisations, patients and the public.
  • To support end-users using research evidence and evidence-based interventions generated through the ARC programmes.
  • To develop a ‘pipeline’ of implementation work for the health and care system.

Our implementation approach is characterised by:

  • Building on networks – we ensure access to our strong networks of clinicians, care provider organisations and improvement experts.
  • Measurement – ‘measurement for improvement’ is fundamentally important both in frontline implementation and also in assessing impact at programme level.
  • Behaviour change approaches – we embed behaviour change approaches within our implementation strategies, building on five years’ experience of training individuals to apply this approach.
  • Strong public, patient and other service user engagement – led by our lay improvement fellows we have established effective ways to engage patients, other service users, and the public in developing implementation strategies and approaches.
  • Learning from excellence – throughout all of our implementation endeavours we seek to learn from positive practical examples of excellence, recognising that there are many islands of excellence throughout our health and care system.

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"The whole ward team have really embraced the safety huddle concept. We have reached the milestone of 30 days without a fall today"

Dr Alan Hart-Thomas, Clinical Director