Training Case Studies

Curry and Learning


Improvement Academy ‘Curry and Learning’ evenings have provided a successful way to introduce non-mandatory training and support frontline staff to learn together. Combining interesting and relevant content with the opportunity to discuss together in an informal setting over a delicious meal, these events are intentionally held off-site in the early evening The key elements of a Curry and Learning evening are:

  • Informal social environment – ideally a local restaurant with a private room
  • A senior manager attending and introducing the evening
  • 2 x 45 minute interactive learning sessions in areas of special interest
  • Lively discussion and debate
  • A delicious meal

The growing range of topics, tailored to audience requirements, includes:

  • How to get started on Quality Improvement
  • What is Human Factors?
  • Making Sense of Data
  • Safety Huddles


  • Attendance has been good, attracting all grades of staff.
  • Frontline clinical staff have given their time freely
  • This has proved to be a successful opportunity to introduce non-mandatory training sessions to frontline clinical staff
  • Evaluations of the events have been uniformly very positive:
    • “Pitched at a good level. Really enjoyed it”
    • “Relevant and informative – enjoyed it. Thanks”
    • “Focused and concise session”
    • “Good shared learning”

Next Steps:

The Improvement Academy can partner with organisations in the Yorkshire and Humber region to offer training through “Curry and Learning” evenings. Contact Jackie Hallam to find out more.