Patient Safety Collaborative Network


In A Nutshell:

We believe that networking is a key enabler in driving forward improvement in health and social care. Providing the opportunity to share good ideas, discuss challenges and work together across Y&H. Through the Patient Safety Collaborative (PSC) we support a wide range of networking opportunities.

Our PSC networks support the following themes:

  • Managing Deterioration
  • Maternity and Neonatal
  • Medicines Safety
  • Mental Health
  • Adopt and Spread


Managing Deterioration:

  • Managing Deterioration Patient Safety Network – aims to guide the work of the Managing Deterioration SIP, share learning and challenges and link up existing plans of work and reduce the risk of duplication and confusion of effort. Quarterly meetings with additional periodic sharing & learning events of specific subjects of interest.
  • Care Homes Patient Safety Network – a network for colleagues working in support of the social care sector (CCG, Local authority, primary care networks) and care home colleagues working with us co designing safety improvements. Quarterly meetings.
  • Sepsis Network – an informal network of colleagues working to support patients with Sepsis in hospital. Quarterly meetings and sharing events.
  • Emergency Department network – an informal group of colleagues working in ED’s across Y&H, focus on areas of interest with the aims of learning, sharing and co design of safety improvements together. Meetings currently suspended due to system pressures but aiming for a ‘re launch’ April 2022.


Maternity and Neonatal:

  • Maternity and Neonatal Patient Safety Network – A psychologically safe space where information and learning can be shared, key barriers & good practice can be discussed related to the 3 workstreams. Quarterly meetings plus additional webinars and meetings of subjects of interest.


Medicines Safety:

  • Care Homes Patient Safety Network (as above – Joint with deterioration)


Mental Health:

  • Mental Health Patient Safety Network – a new network that aims to become the key improvement architecture to drive progress, share learning across systems and work together on common challenges in mental health, learning disability and autism services.
  • Reducing Restrictive Practice learning community – ward teams working with us on this safety priority, Trusts RRP and patient safety experts. The primary purpose is for QI coaching and skill development as well as sharing ideas and progress.


Adopt & Spread

  • Emergency Laparotomy Collaborative – Longstanding network of colleagues across Y&H in acute Trusts working to improve emergency laparotomy care. Currently, informal meetings quarterly but hoping to scale up again to sharing events every 6 months.
  • COPD & Asthma acute hospital discharge bundle network- colleagues working to improve adherence to the inpatient COPD & Asthma care bundles.
  • Tracheostomy Care – a new developing network of colleagues working to improve Tracheostomy care both In-hospital and community across Y&H.

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