Patient Experience Toolkit + (PET+)


In A Nutshell:

The Yorkshire Patient Experience Toolkit (PET+) is an evidence-based approach to enhancing patient experience through listening to patients and the frontline teams who deliver their care, about what is most important to them. PET+ then uses qualitative theming, improvement methods combined with the engagement of senior management, to support positive changes.

PET+ is built on 6 systematic steps, that use tried and tested techniques to ensure effectiveness:

  1. Bringing the right people together
  2. Finding out what matters to staff & patients via qualitative interviewing
  3. Generating key themes from interviews
  4. Supporting a team to organise
  5. Making things better
  6. Finding out how/if things have improved

We have worked with PET+ for 5 years and therefore know a lot about what patients and staff think, feel and need in order to improve experience of receiving or delivering services. These insights have been captured in 2 reports that should be considered when embarking on this work. Because the SAME themes tend to be prevalent in ANY setting sometimes it is not appropriate to continue to collect feedback when the themes themselves are predictable. We therefore have various initiatives designed to respond to these recurring themes including ‘Lightening the Load.

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“Each step of the toolkit helped with the process and using it with staff and service users had a massive impact overall – when we looked at the themes patients and staff were saying the same thing, their experiences were similar”

Naz Wali Senior patient experience and involvement officer Bradford District Care Trust