Quality Improvement Training – Gold


In A Nutshell:

Gold level training aims to equip improvement leaders with the knowledge and skills to provide strategic and operational support to develop and maintain a sustainable improvement culture within their organisations. Initial efforts have focused on developing our ‘train the trainer’ programme.

This competency-based training programme was designed to do two things:

  • provide trainees with the knowledge and materials to deliver the Improvement Academy’s silver-level training.
  • build skills and confidence to allow them to support colleagues in their trusts who are carrying out a QI project.


The programme was first delivered in October 2015 and has to date been completed by 60 people. To ensure that our trainees have the skills, knowledge, experience, and time to take on this important role within their trusts, recruitment to the course is managed through our Quality Improvement Advisory Group.

After completing the training, our trainees receive a written feedback report that advises on their readiness to take on the roles, and any developmental needs. We advise our new members to invite the Improvement Academy course trainers to attend their first silver training session: as well as offering support and advice before and during the training session, they are given a detailed report that includes feedback from their trainees.

New trainees are registered with the Improvement Academy as Quality Improvement Trainer and are automatically eligible to attend our Quality Improvement Trainers Network (QITN). This dynamic group meets three times a year to share ideas and materials and attend continuous professional development sessions. Our QITN members are expected to participate in an annual developmental meeting with an Improvement Academy course trainer where they discuss their progress and agree any future training or support needs.

For more details about how to apply to participate in the Gold Level ‘Train the Trainer’ programme, please contact Shahima Begum.


Gold Trainers Network

Our Gold Trainers Network has been developed to support the delivery of high-quality face-to-face Quality Improvement training. The network allows members to share ideas, materials and support, as well as contribute to the on-going development and refinement of our Silver training. The first wave of Gold trainers completed our ‘Train the Trainer’ competency-based 2-day programme in October 2015.


  • We now have a cohort of 20 Gold trainers across 10 organisations in Yorkshire and Humber
  • The network has enabled us to identify and develop a pool of skills for Quality Improvement Training
  • The training ensures a structured approach to Quality Improvement Training across Yorkshire and Humber and promotes cross working across organisations
  • This network supports the delivery of high-quality QI training in our organisations and helps to identify and bridge gaps


The Future

The Improvement Academy will continue to deliver Gold level ‘Train the Trainer’ programs to ensure the continued growth of the Gold Trainers Network.

The Gold Trainers Network will continue to support the development and delivery of Silver level training for teams across the Yorkshire and Humber.

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"Attending the Silver QI Training really helped me to understand how to start to manage effective delivery of the work and also how to better evaluate the delivery which in turn led to changes to the work programme."

Helen Degnan, Project Nurse at Vale of York CCG