Dr Kristian Hudson

Implementation Specialist

Kristian Hudson- Implementation Specialist

Contact Details

Email: kristian.hudson@yhia.nhs.uk

Kristian Hudson is an implementation specialist working within the NIHR Yorkshire Humber Applied Research Collaboration (YHARC). Kristian provides implementation support to many stakeholders including researchers, programme teams and healthcare staff. He is interested in empowering and facilitating these stakeholders to generate local implementation knowledge so they can implement things that matter to them, overcome implementation barriers as they arise and generate ‘within system learning’. Kristian and his team have developed an innovative approach to capturing the all-important practical implementation knowledge that arises from within system learning using a rapid, responsive and relevant approach to evaluating implementation.

Kristian offers implementation training, coaching, and bespoke learning events to help programme teams and stakeholders working in public health incorporate innovative approaches to researching, evaluating and carrying out implementation with the aim of ensuring impact and transportable findings.

Kristian runs a podcast called Essential Implementation where he talks to implementation specialists and researchers around the world.

Work With Us

Our partnerships are centred in the Yorkshire and Humber region but extend nationally. We are continuously developing our partnerships and relationships with health and care organisations.