Dr Pnt Laloë

Clinical Leadership Fellow 2012-2013

Dr Pnt Laloë - Clinical Leadership Fellow 2012-13

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Email: Academy@yhia.nhs.uk

Dr Pnt Laloë is now a consultant anaesthetist in Halifax and Huddersfield. When he was a Clinical Leadership Fellow, he was a project manager for the Ignaz® Handbook app for Health Education Yorkshire and the Humber.

Pnt shared some insights from his year with the Improvement Academy:

“This year away from the operating theatre was a real eye-opener in terms of understanding the roles of non-clinical and clinical colleagues in delivering safe patient care. It has made me a more effective doctor, a better doctor, because I now appreciate the challenges we all face in hospitals, including the patients’ needs, and I feel I have developed into a collaborative agent of change.”

When asked about what he gained in the year, Pnt reflected: “as well as making many new friends across clinical, managerial and academic fields, what I mostly took away is a sense of empowerment. With my knowledge and skills, no problem is too daunting when tackled with teamwork and shared goals. I feel able to make things better not just for the patients I care for personally, but for all the patients who come through my department”. Regarding regrets, all he had to say was: “I should have done a fellowship year sooner!

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