Training Case Studies - Silver Quality Improvement Training

Quality Improvement Training (silver) – Tasnim Momoniat, renal registrar


“The silver QI training provided me with a better understanding of PDSA cycles, process mapping and run charts which I have applied to developing a QI project that introduced a change proving useful and important for medical teams.”

Tasnim Momoniat is a renal registrar currently undertaking a year
out-of-programme as a Clinical Leadership Fellow. Tasnim undertook the Silver QI training following difficulties with getting a quality improvement project approved.

At the time of the training, Tasnim was involved in a quality improvement project aimed at improving the documentation of haemodialysis in the medical notes of patients through the introduction of a sticker to be placed in medical notes. This was after Tasnim identified that the majority of patients (88%) had no documentation in their medical notes of undergoing this medical intervention. As a consequence, the teams looking after these patients, both in hours and whilst on-call, were often unaware about the management of their patient’s renal condition. This also led to key information not being communicated well or acted upon between the dialysis team and other members of the multidisciplinary team. The project was felt to be valuable by the Renal team including key stakeholders (doctors, nurses, and dialysis staff). The plan was submitted to the QI panel in the local hospital however it was deemed not to be a QI project and therefore rejected.

The silver QI training provided Tasnim with a better understanding of PDSA cycles, process mapping and run charts. Furthermore, she felt able to modify the process, outcome and balancing measures identified as a consequence of attending this training. The session provided a supportive environment in which attendees was able to discuss projects relevant to them. The training was really valuable and Tasnim has since encouraged many of her colleagues to undertake this.

Tasnim resubmitted application which was subsequently accepted. The project has allowed the introduction of stickers with information relating to each patient’s haemodialysis which can be found in their contemporaneous medical notes. This has been very well received by all involved in providing dialysis but also by the medical teams looking after patients on other wards; Tasnim has had multiple people commenting on the usefulness and importance of this work which has been positive to hear.

Tasnim attended the Improvement Academy Silver Quality Improvement training day, funded through the Yorkshire and Humber AHSN on 25th September 2018.