Training Case Studies - Measurements for Improvement Training

Measurement for Improvement – Jane Hudson, Team administrator


The Understanding and Reducing Variation course has allowed me to be more proficient in my discussions around data and I now have a much better understanding of what happens with all the data used and why.”

Jane Hudson is a Team Administrator for the Improvement Academy looking after a number of administrative duties. Jane is also a Project Coordinator supporting a number of work streams, and currently learning new skills to increase the level of support she can offer including delivering culture survey feedback to teams.

Jane is currently involved in the following projects:

  • Patient Safety Collaborative work Streams
  • PReCePT
  • Emergency Laparotomy
  • Achieving Behaviour Change workshops
  • Bronze level Quality Improvement and Human Factors training

Part of Jane’s role is to support the work around Safety Huddles which includes the inputting of answers to the Teamwork and Safety Climate Surveys. Jane regularly inputs survey results and distributes harms data to the analyst. Jane is quite often the first point of contact for queries around safety huddles and she has started to work towards holding initial discussions with teams, and also delivering culture survey feedback. The Understanding Variation course has allowed Jane to be more proficient in her discussions around data and she now has a much better understanding of what happens with all the data used and why.

The key learning points from attending the course were:

  • What variation in healthcare data is
  • Why it’s important to include variation when looking at measuring things over time
  • What an outlier is
  • How outliers can help us identify specific areas for improvement

As Jane’s role in the Safety Huddles project and other projects is developing to include more direct contact and support with teams, the course has aided in being more explanatory and more supportive. It has helped her to understand better what is happening on an SPC chart which is a regularly used tool in her project work.

Jane attended the Improvement Academy Understanding and Reducing Variation in Healthcare workshop, funded through the Yorkshire and Humber AHSN on 28th January 2019