Training Case Studies - Achieving Behaviour Change Workshop

Achieving Behaviour Change – Gillian Janes, senior research fellow


“Attending the course has solidified my theoretical and practical knowledge of this framework and now I am able to use a shared language with others about how to design and evaluate interventions for change.”

Gillian Janes
 is a Senior Research Fellow at the Bradford Institute for Health Research, leading the ‘workforce engagement and wellbeing’ theme, as part of the Y&H Patient Safety Translational Research Centre. Her role involves leading and developing a number of different projects within this. Gill is currently involved in the following projects:

  • Paramedic wellbeing and the role of patient feedback,
  • Second victim support website,
  • supporting staff resilience in the aftermath of error/safety incidents,
  • In the name of safety: identifying, evaluating and de-implementation of low-value safety practices’,
  • A Systematic Review of the association between healthcare staff engagement and patient safety outcomes.

Gillian has a background in teaching and leading change so has supervised healthcare staff using frameworks such as the Theoretical Domains Framework to effect change in the workplace. The workshop deepened her theoretical and practical knowledge of this framework, enabling her to more explicitly use this shared language about how to design and evaluate interventions for change. This has been very helpful, particularly when moving to a new region and forming new relationships with colleagues.

After attending the event, Gillian felt reassured that her previous approach to behaviour change was appropriate and up to date and thought the interactive and fun nature of the workshop enhanced the learning. The session also provided good general revision on this topic for Gill and increased her confidence in this work. Going forward, Gill plans to use the Theoretical Domains Framework to inform the design of interventions arising from projects such as the paramedic study she is involved in.

Gillian attended the Improvement Academy Achieving Behaviour Change workshop, funded through the Yorkshire and Humber AHSN on 9th November 2018.