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In A Nutshell:

We have been working with care homes since 2018 through our ‘Improving Safety’ programme. We have focussed on co-designing ideas and materials to help spot deteriorating residents, reduce falls and pressure ulcers, and more recently to improve medicines safety.

Using a range of quality improvement tools and proven approaches such as co design and introducing Safety Huddles we have been working with care home teams to improve safety. The main focus of our recent work has been to:

  • Support an increase in the adoption and spread of deterioration management and communication tools in care homes (e.g. RESTORE2 mini, vital signs, SBARD etc.).
  • Support personalised care and support planning (PCSP), and other end of life care principles and tools in relation to deterioration.
  • Co-design a range of tools and ideas to help improve the safety of medicines administration in care homes.
  • Better understand the causes of loneliness in care home residents and some successful approaches to combat.
  • Better understand how best to engage and support care homes so they are able and willing to adopt some of these improvement tools.

In the past we have also supported successful projects reducing falls and pressure ulcers in care homes.

  • We host a Care Homes Patient Safety network; this is an informal network open to provider organisations we are working with and other colleagues in Yorkshire and Humber who work in roles that support care home safety.
  • We work with partner organisations to deliver RESTORE2mini (deterioration) and SBARD training and we have a new Advance Care Planning training module which we have developed in conjunction with a local hospice.
  • We have a range of new tools to support medications safety which we are happy to share.
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