Gail Opio-Te

Clinical Leadership Fellow 2016-2017

Gail Opio-Te - Clinical Leadership Fellow 2016-17

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Gail is a Specialist Community Public Health Nurse who worked on secondment as a Clinical Leadership Fellow with the Improvement Academy. Gail’s background is working collaboratively with schools, young people and their families to improve health outcomes. She also has highly specialist experience and knowledge of safeguarding children at transition from hospital into community.

Gail was involved in a ‘bottom up’ intervention called ARC (Achieving Reliable Care) which is aimed at ensuring patients receive all aspects of their care in a time frame that suits their needs.

Gail was also a coach for the scaling up of Safety Huddles working with wards in Wharfedale Hospital focusing on delayed discharges and reducing harmas well as community public health and safeguarding teams.

In addition, Gail worked with Clinical Leadership Fellow – Dr Paul Ashwood on a project focusing on developing support for ‘Second Victims’, namely healthcare professionals who have been involved in a serious incident.

Gail shared some reflections at the end of her year working with the Improvement Academy as a Clinical Leadership Fellow:

My experience at the improvement academy has changed my view of health services, what is achievable and how I can influence excellence in patient safety and care. I now return to clinical practice with the ability to support colleagues to improve quality and tackle intractable problems through collaboration with experts, and the use of systematic improvement approaches.

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