Training Case Studies - Silver Human Factors Training

Human Factors Training (silver) – Aparna Manou, Neonatal Consultant


“Attending the training increased my understanding on the role of human factors in patient safety and quality of care.”

Aparna Manou is a Neonatal Consultant at Hull Royal Infirmary with an interest in Quality Improvement, leadership, and mentoring junior doctors on clinical and non-clinical skills. She is passionate about implementing change to improve care. Aparna is also Consultant Lead in the Maternity and Neonatal Health Safety Collaborative and PReCePT national projects representing Hull’s maternity and neonatal team. She is involved in local quality improvement projects within her organisation and her role is to lead the development of NHSI posters for leadership and quality improvement.

During the Silver Human Factors Training, Aparna found the following interesting:

  • Analysis of human factors
  • Leadership skills
  • Situational awareness
  • Team working
  • Task management skills
  • Ways of managing stress and fatigue in the clinical role.

She found this knowledge useful for her everyday clinical practice within her multidisciplinary team but also liaising with other health professionals for the purpose of her quality improvement work. Aparna thought the Silver Human Factors Training increased her understanding on the role of human factors in patient safety and quality of care – both non-technical skills, such as communication, but also technical skills, such as the design of the systems, the culture, the procedures, workspace and equipment. She was particularly interested in the use of structured communication tools (SBAR, CUS etc) to improve communication between health professionals.

As Aparna is currently leading and working in multidisciplinary team, she aims to incorporate and test a communication tool to facilitate the handover of patients not only within her clinical team but also between different departments. This tool will be used by neonatal junior and senior doctors, nurses, midwives and obstetricians in complex communication scenarios which will include other factors over and above the clinical assessment. Aparna is also planning to introduce resilience training within her trust and to contribute to the ‘train the trainers’ sessions for educational supervisors.

Aparna attended the Improvement Academy Silver Human Factors training day, funded through the Yorkshire and Humber AHSN on 13th November 2018.