Training Case Studies - Achieving Behaviour Change Workshop

Achieving Behaviour Change – Karen Owens, Deputy Director of Quality and Nursing


“Attending the course made me appreciate that there are so many different ways to engage people more effectively.”

Karen Owens 
is a Deputy Director of Quality and Nursing at Yorkshire Ambulance Service, who leads all of the traditional quality functions in her organisation, including complaints and incident management. Karen also leads the delivery of the Quality Improvement strategy.

Karen’s current project is around care homes’ embedding good decision making and management for people who have fallen.

After attending the ABC workshop, Karen felt more appreciative of the different ways to engage people more effectively. The key learning points she took from the course were:

  • Effective methods to influence behaviour
  • Extent of the investment needed to understand how to influence change

Karen now feels that this course had given her an approach and framework to understand better how to influence the behaviour of others and she is using this knowledge in practice in her current work with care homes.

Karen attended the Improvement Academy Achieving Behaviour Change workshop, funded through the Yorkshire and Humber AHSN on 9th November 2018.

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