Jackie Hallam

Project Manager

Jackie Hallam - Project Manager

Contact Details

Email: jacqueline.hallam@yhia.nhs.uk

Jackie is a general nurse and midwife by background.  She joined the team in July 2015 to provide project management support to test and implement the Measurement and Monitoring of Safety Framework devised by Charles Vincent et al. in various care settings.

She was the Yorkshire &Humber Lead for the National Maternity and Neonatal Safety Improvement Programme (MatNeoSIP) for 6 years also providing project management support to the implementation of the national AHSN PReCePT intervention to reduce cerebral palsy in preterm babies.

Jackie has benefitted from receiving IHI Quality Improvement Training through MatNeoSIP and previously through her involvement in the Maternity Safer Patients Initiative at a local Trust.  She has wide experience of directly supporting individual teams with Quality Improvement projects in a variety of areas and also delivering QI training to wider groups and mixed audiences.

Work With Us

Our partnerships are centred in the Yorkshire and Humber region but extend nationally. We are continuously developing our partnerships and relationships with health and care organisations.