Teamwork and Safety Culture Survey

Measurement of team safety culture is a core element of our patient safety work. The Improvement Academy is using a validated tool developed by University of Texas within a framework of systematic team-level data collection and analysis. Electronic data capture will provide a means of measuring/benchmarking team culture across the region.


Professor Don Berwick, Chair of the National Advisory Group on Safety of Patients in England stated that “Culture will trump rules, standards and control strategies every single time and achieving a vastly safer NHS will depend far more on major cultural change than on a new regulatory regime”.

Culture is an issue where organisations have requested support from the Academy and so the diagnostic measurement and addressing of clinical team culture is part of the Academy’s systematic approach to improving frontline patient safety. Culture is known to have a profound impact on behaviour and clinicians’ ability to consistently deliver safe care, and safety culture varies between individual teams in the same organisation and so it is at team level that the Academy will measure it.

We have started measuring team culture within 17 clinical teams and are testing the University of Texas at Austin, Teamwork and Safety Climate Survey. We are in the progress of working with several others teams, and have started re-surveying teams to monitor the impact of patient safety work in those teams.

We aim to build a regional network for all organisations to use an electronic survey at team level.

An example of some of the analysis which we do is shown below:

The original work by the University of Texas can be found here.

Please contact Alison Lovatt to discuss the survey in more detail, and see how the Improvement Academy can support it's use in your organisation.

Alison Lovatt - Clinical Improvement Network Director
Tel: 01274 383934
Email: alison.lovatt@yhahsn.nhs.uk

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Further Information

The original work by the University of Texas can be found here.