Tools and Resources

ABC for Patient Safety Toolkit

Following a hugely successful programme of work using behaviour change theory to support the implementation of patient safety guidelines and alerts, the Improvement Academy has taken the lead in spreading this learning throughout the region.

An evidence based framework for investigating safety incidents

Patient safety incidents (PSIs) are common and can lead to fatal outcomes. Effective investigation of PSIs is essential to optimize learning and take action to prevent further incidents occurring. Good practice in incidents investigation has been described by the NPSA in the London Protocol. A key step in this protocol is the identification of all contributory factors (See Step F in Figure below). The Clinical Human Factors Group also recommends effective contributory factor analysis as part of serious incident investigation (see link in "Further Information" section).

Effectiveness Matters

Effectiveness Matters is produced in collaboration with the Centre for Reviews and Dissemination at the University of York. These short publications are designed to provide accessible and accurate summaries of the evidence to inform quality and safety improvement.

Enhanced Recovery

The Improvement Academy hosted a meeting with clinicians from across the region about the use of enhanced recovery in obstetrics for elective caesarean sections. Information from the afternoon including talks from our speakers about the successful introduction of enhanced recovery and tools for implementation (protocols, audit forms, patient information etc.) are available here.


Ignaz is a smartphone application with restricted access developed by Health Education Yorkshire and the Humber, in collaboration with the Improvement Academy (on behalf of Yorkshire and Humber Academic Health Science Network), Yorkshire Ambulance Service and Bradford Teaching Hospitals.

SAVI - Situational Awareness Vital Insights

SAVI has been developed to help all staff working with patients. This training tool uses real life clinical scenarios to demonstrate examples of good and poor situational awareness across different parts of the patient journey from diagnosis in the GP practice, through a ward and surgical scenario. Online e-learning modules (SAVI training pod) and notes for trainers.

Teamwork and safety culture survey methods

Measurement of team safety culture is a core element of our patient safety work. The Improvement Academy is using a validated tool developed by University of Texas within a framework of systematic team-level data collection and analysis. Electronic data capture will provide a means of measuring/benchmarking team culture across the region.

Quality Improvement Training

Have you seen our Quality Improvement Training section?

Read all about how we are supporting Quality Improvement training throughout Yorkshire and Humber, and the implementation of a Quality Improvement Training Framework.