Patient Safety Collaborative

In a nutshell: The Y&H Patient Safety collaborative can help you to improve the safety of your patients by applying latest evidence based tools for improvement, assisting networking  with other organisations, focussing on the key harms and improving your safety culture.

The Challenge

The Yorkshire and Humber patient safety collaborative is one of 15 national patient safety improvement programmes established across the country in October 2014.

It aims to improve patient safety in the region by acting as a catalyst, promoting better networking, providing key evidence based tools in a usable format for frontline teams. It helps ensure the development of a culture of safety at all levels and that priority is given to key areas of harm.


Our Model of Patient Safety Improvement


An underlying principle of our work is to build on our successful evidence based patient safety work with frontline teams, involving everyone from cleaners to consultants, in both community and hospital settings, including mental health and learning disability services.  

By offering practical support and facilitating the sharing of innovation to help our partners become high reliability organisations for safety.


Patient safety priorities

Priorities highlighted to date:

Focus for the collaborative is in 4 areas, improving networking around the region,  continued development and support of tools for quality improvement, culture change and continued identification and focus on key harms as identified by our stakeholders.


The following are some evidence based resources available to download:

For further information or if you like to discuss your project or think we can help please contact:

Mel Johnson

01274 383932


Patient Voice

The AHSN Improvement Academy is using an innovative method of capturing the 'voice of patients' in improving the safety of their healthcare. Read about the PRASE (Patient Reporting and Action for a Safe Environment) tool here.