Human Factors

In a nutshell: The Improvement Academy is working collaboratively with experts, organisations, frontline staff and patients to explore how Human Factors can be embedded within healthcare delivery. We are also developing Human Factors training which meets the needs of organisations and frontline staff - and most importantly contributes to reducing patient harm

The Challenge

Keeping patients safe in our NHS healthcare systems is a huge priority. There is an emerging consensus that advancing the implementation of Human Factors across the healthcare workforce may have a large impact on reducing harm. Training in Human Factors has been shown to improve safety in various industries but we are still learning about how to adopt and implement this within our NHS.

In our region we already have significant Human Factors expertise and enthusiasm on this subject. There are already organisations that have started exploring, developing and implementing some great Human Factors approaches across the region but much of this work is not widely known about or is not easily accessible to all our organisations and the frontline teams who deliver care.

What we are doing about it?

Working collaboratively across Yorkshire and Humber we are going to:

  • Support learning and signposting to information about Human Factors. Check out our Further Information section on this page for links to a slide presentation (Debbie Clark) and the NHS Scotland QI Hub short videos
  • Explore and build upon some of our current improvement work which already includes various Human Factors elements e.g. Safety Huddles (HUSH) Behaviour change, Quality Improvement Training, Medicines Safety and SEA in Primary Care
  • Develop engagement and relationships with education providers, regulatory bodies, executive boards, Human Factor providers, researchers, frontline staff and patients
  • Using Human Factors principles to support improvement work with some frontline services
  • Work together to develop Human Factors training suitable for all healthcare staff across Yorkshire and Humber

Next Steps 

We are working on Bronze (entry) level Human factors training which is suitable for all healthcare staff and will be freely available online through the Improvement Academy soon.
Silver (intermediate) level training delivered face to face will follow soon after, so watch this space to find out when these courses are available.



Significant Event Audit in Primary Care

The Improvement Academy has produced a set of resources to enhance the effectiveness of significant event audit in primary care by embedding Human Factors theory into a standardised review process.