Principal Pharmacist at Boots Pharmacy, Kirkstall

"The overall program has had a positive impact on the pharmacy promoting team work and encouraging personal reflection. The workshops were very interesting and informative, allowing us to appreciate the number of incidents involving patient safety and giving us ideas on how to improve and learn from each other.

Noshaba and Maureen have been very supportive throughout the program. They made us feel relaxed and were very flexible working around our busy schedules and last minute cancellations!

We hope our small contribution has made a difference and thank you for all your support.

Noshaba, if I haven't said it enough both you and Maureen have been very patient with us. I really appreciate all the support you have given us throughout"

We at Asda pharmacy would like to thank you all for providing us with this honourable opportunity and for all your hard work and efforts.”

Medicines Safety - TAPS