Faheem and team at Asda Pharmacy, Morley

"We have all thoroughly enjoyed the TAPS events and have learnt a great deal with regards to near misses, our business in general, customer safety/satisfaction and about ourselves (our ways of thinking and working)

These informative workshops have provided us with invaluable insight, which in turn has led us all to change our ways of working in order to provide better care for our customers.

The flow mapping was particularly useful to us and allowed us to identify a shortfall in service provision (mainly the prescription collection service) and helped us to change our processes in order to provide a more satisfying service to our customers whilst keeping them safe.

This change has attributed to prescriptions being ready on time, making sure our customers are not without their vital medication and intern has created a more relaxed atmosphere in the workplace leading to a reduction in near misses.

We at Asda pharmacy would like to thank you all for providing us with this honourable opportunity and for all your hard work and efforts.”

Medicines Safety - TAPS