Dr Janet Long, member of the Health Innovation TCRN member group

Dr Long and her colleagues are working to identify barriers in the referral pathway that prevent high-risk patients being referred for genetic testing of the syndrome. To enhance her knowledge of organisational change in a health care context, Dr Long applied for a TCRN Conference and Professional Development Grant to attend the Achieving Behaviour Change for Patient Safety workshop in London.

“The idea of me attending was that because we’re using the change management methodology being taught in the workshop it would be very useful, not just to do the workshop, which currently is only being offered in the UK, but also to talk to the other people that built up the workshop and all the materials that go with it,” Dr Long said. (taken from the Translational Cancer Research Network website)

To find out more about Janet's thoughts on the Achieving Behaviour Change workshop or about the work she is doing you can read the full article by clicking here.