ASDA Pharmacy, Morley

In a nutshell: ASDA Morley pharmacy streamlined the prescription collection service and improved customer satisfaction.

The team generally had a minimal number of near misses occurring daily in their dispensing processes. They process mapped the journey of the prescription from receipt in the pharmacy through to the medicine being handed to the customer. They identified that as a team, they work well together, however effective communication regarding their Prescription Collection Service (PCS) was an issueas patients would arrive to collect a prescription and often it had not been ordered or was not ready. This led to low patient satisfaction and an increase in stress on the team.

What they did

    1. Streamlined the PCS by having a specific basket for all prescriptions that needed to be faxed to the relevant surgeries.
    2. Improved the existing recording sheet for repeat prescription collections from neighbouring GP Practices, from all patients on one sheet, to a table separated according to each GP Practice.
    3. Ensured all tasks were completed prior to completing the shift rather than recording the jobs in a communications book, where tasks were often missed.

What happened/impact?

Staff members were aware of which tasks had been completed according to what was placed in the basket. This resulted in all prescriptions being ordered appropriately.

ASDA Morley pharmacy were aware that the near miss rate for their pharmacy was low however patient satisfaction was an issue. The team now feel that streamlining the PCS has improved customer satisfaction. The aims for the team into the future are to focus on increasing the number of days between each near, and to have a minimal number of near misses occurring in the pharmacy. The Improvement Academy has enjoyed working with ASDA pharmacy and staff members here feel confident in the team’s ability to test small changes to improve patient safety in the future. 

Figure 2: The team working with another pharmacy to tackle a patient safety issue through an exciting activity focussing on the importance of measurement  Figure 3: The team celebrating their sucess, accompanied by the superintendent pharmacist for ASDA