Delayed Transfers of Care

Delayed Transfers of Care (DTOCs) occur when a patient is deemed ready to depart from their current care, but is unable due to non-clinical reasons. Further information and datasets are available from NHS England here, with a detailed definition of a Delayed Transfers of Care in this document.

Delayed Transfers of Care are often symptons of underlying issues with patient flow. We have held several events which have addressed the principles of successful patient flow (see here). We are now working with acute trusts in Hull, Bradford, Airedale and Sheffield and are jointly developing interventions to improve patient flow based on what we have learned so far, and more information on this is available here.

If you have any questions or comments about this information please contact Michael Rooney, Senior Improvement Analyst, at michael.rooney@yhahsn.nhs.uk, or on 01274 383965.