Healthcare Analyst Faculty

The Improvement Academy has set up a "Healthcare Analyst Faculty" to enable analysts working in healthcare to come together to:

  • Showcase best-practice in the region
  • Support members to learn new skills and approaches
  • Encourage quality assessment of impact in improvement projects
  • Aid evidence based decision making
  • Create a wider professional support network

To further support analysts in our region the Improvement Academy Faculty and the Northern branch of the Association of Professional Healthcare Analysts (AphA) will be working together to deliver a series of workshops and network meetings. You can find out more here about becoming a member of ApHA.

Who is eligible to join?

The faculty is open to all interested people, but is likely to be particularly suited to analysts and roles involved with assessing the impact of improvement work in healthcare.

When will the Healthcare Analyst Faculty meet?

The next workshop will be held early in 2018 details to follow soon.

Please take a look at our events page for more details on training that is available for analysts in the region.

What happens when the Faculty meet?

The meetings are usually one day workshops with guest speakers in the morning covering a variety of topics suggested by faculty members. The afternoons will usually be 'with laptops' to allow for new skills and techniques to be learnt and shared.

The first meeting was held on Monday 27th February 2017 you can download the presentations here.

Our second meeting jointly ran with AphA was held on the 8th December you can find out more here.

Who do I contact to find out more?

To find out more information or to apply to be part of this new Analyst Faculty, please contact Natalie Jackson or 01274 383931.


Patient Flow

Simulation Modelling can be used to examine a number of issues such as Patient Flow

Further Information

Presentations from the First Improvement Academy Healthcare Analyst Faculty Workshop in February 2017 are available here.

Presentations from our joint Healthcare Analyst Faculty event with AphA in November 2017 are available to download on the links below:


Natalie Jackson


01274 383931