Patient and Public Engagement

About Us

Our patient and public engagement/involvement (PPE/I) work is led by me, Claire Marsh, in collaboration with a 'Patient Leader' Marilyn Foster. Since attending the first Kings Fund programme on 'Collaborative Leadership' 2015/16, we have been developing the Improvement Academy Strategic approach to PPE together. We are currently focusing on:

  1. Tailoring support for PPE/I in a number of Improvement Academy projects 
  2. Supporting the Patient Panel that we share with the Quality & Safety Research Group, and encouraging our improvement staff to seek input from this panel in their projects. 
  3. Developing a range of guidance materials to help our staff enhance PPE/I, and to make these more widely available across the region.
  4. Recruiting ‘patient experts’ to the IA Improvement Fellowship scheme
  5. Supporting the networks of groups and individuals who can influence health and social care improvement across the region.

PPI Manuals

We have produced 3 brief manuals to help staff in the Improvement Academy and our colleagues in the Yorkshire Quality & Safety research team, to support patient and public involvement (PPI) in the improvement work they do. We have uploaded these onto our website for people in other organisations to use as guides for their own procedures if they wish. Our manuals cover:

Planning for PPI in projects  

Working with our Patient Panel 

Budgeting and Reimbursement






Patient Voice

The AHSN Improvement Academy is using an innovative method of capturing the 'voice of patients' in improving the safety of their healthcare. Read about the PRASE (Patient Reporting and Action for a Safe Environment) tool here.