A Shared Approach to Patient Safety in Mental Healthcare

Carl Thompson and John Baker - 7 October 2015

It’s been an exciting month for patient safety in the region’s Mental Health community. The first event facilitated by AHSN Improvement Academy (using the…

Patient Power for Safer Prescribing

Tony Jamieson - 7 September 2015

Asthma UK have launched, what is arguably, an innovative patient safety campaign in medicines use. The well-respected charity published a report on unsafe prescribing in Asthma which was robust and well presented. The report built on the National…

Bringing Science to the Artistry of Improvement

Alison Lovatt - 10 July 2015

On a beautiful, sunny day in June, whilst holidaying in the Limousin in France; the land of the Impressionists, my husband and I visited the delightful little village of Fresselines. It’s situated in the Creuse department of central France. In the spring of 1889, Monet painted at least twenty-three…

Much Ado About Change

Sherena Nair - 3 June 2015

After starting out as a registrar in Geriatrics in a district hospital and working under stressful situations with poor rotas and staffing levels, I found myself at a crossroads of my career: whether to give up hospital medicine and pursue an alternative profession. The only way I thought I would…

Have we as the NHS provided enough support to nursing homes?

Emma Ryland - 11 May 2015

Have we as the NHS provided enough support to nursing homes? Or as I heard someone put it the other day have we left nursing homes to become black holes in healthcare? As a hospital based physician on occasions when admitting a nursing home resident…

What can Ebola teach the NHS about patient safety?

John Wright - 9 February 2015

Imagine a patient admitted to a hospital ward in the UK who has been properly trained in their own safety protection. They will have had simulation training for their hospital episode to rehearse how to check that drugs and procedures are appropriate and correct. They will have been trained to communicate…

Reflections on 2014 - Improvement by numbers

Beverley Slater - 10 December 2014

Earlier this month Gill, a member of the Service Improvement Team at Calderdale and Huddersfield, travelled to Scarborough Hospital to spend a day supporting staff preparing to implement Scarborough’s new system for improving the flow of patients through the hospital.…

Patients and Citizens - bringing something different to patient safety

Clare Ashby - 30 October 2014

As a nurse and someone who is passionate about the NHS, I attempted to read the book “from Ward to Whitehall” written by Julie Baily. We all know Julie helped to form an organisation; Cure the NHS, which successfully campaigned for a public inquiry into the failings at the hospital. The book…

How complex is healthcare?

Dr Rod Kersh - 19 September 2014

We often discuss complexity in healthcare. Some things are complicated, others difficult to understand. We face ‘Wicked Problems’ – those complex, multi-factorial, multiple-stakeholder issues that defy straightforward solutions, for example, ‘the ageing population’, ‘poverty’ and ‘obesity’. Healthcare…

Improvement Fellows

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Our Clinical Director, Professor John Wright, travelled to Sierra Leone in November 2014 as part of the NHS response to the worsening Ebola outbreak. He worked to help fight the outbreak of Ebola, and to treat people who had become infected. He regularly wrote an insightful a blog on his experiences, which can be found here.